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Environmental work

Environmental work

MMAB stands for a long term sustainable development and active work for reduction of our and customers environmental impact. We will contribute to environmental improvements by long term environmental solutions within our business area, by development and technical inventions, as well as in our relations with authorities, suppliers and customers.

Our own environmental permit for the Swedish factory is an advantage when we evaluate our suppliers in China. Our environmental commitments are more than a certificate.

All process liquids and rinse water pass through our own internal treatment plant, where metals and micro plastics are filtered and cleaned in several steps. After water sampling the cleaned water is sent out to the waste water sewerage.

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Environmental care in practice

The impact on our surroundings and environment must be limited as much as possible in balance with quality and economy. Logistics, transportation and business travelling are also considered as important environmental aspects.

– Our manufacturers in China are under regulations and environmental laws, both regarding waste water and water consumtion. Environmental licenses and treatment plants are under control and follow up during our supplier visits.

– All manufacturers in China have certified enviromental systems according to ISO 14001

– Our swedish factory are under supervision by local authorities as the production require environmental permit and its own waste water treatment plant.

– Several improvments of the treatment plant has been implemented during last years. Cooling water is recycled and we are working on further reduction of our water consumption.

– Certified environmental systeme according to ISO 14001 will be implemented for our Swedish factory at the end of 2021

– MMAB follow any updates of RoHS, REACH, Conflict minerals, recycling and packaging requirements. We are updated and well informed in the complex world of environmental commitments within the printed circuit board industry

– We always consider environmental aspects when we select new suppliers, processes and packaging material.

– Optimizing customer panels and production panels are some of the hands on work we do together with our customers to reduce waste material

– When X-out is allowed, we aim for delivery of a limited quantity of defect boards in customer panels, to avoid scrapping fully functional boards

Printed circuit boards
– Made in Sweden

MMAB invested in our factory in Sweden as there is a need for PCB manufacturing close to the customers, with quick turn. We also have capacity for volume production in Sweden, even though we mainly manufacture prototypes and smaller batches. We can match price and leadtime and with all production resources in house we are close to the market with short transportation.

MMAB are proud and happy that our customers appreciate PCB manufacturing in Sweden. Our own factory and our suppliers in China are perfect match and add value for our customers. This got very clear when Covid-19 impacted the world and the deliveries from China.

Special competence and environmental advantages makes production in Sweden a sustainable alternative and complementary to production in China.

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⦁ All process liquids and rinse water is passing the factory treatment plant
⦁ Metals and micro plastics are filtered and cleaned in several steps
⦁ pH-value is adjusted to achive optimized cleaning conditions and water neutralisation
⦁ The treated water passes a measuring station for automatic random water sampling
⦁ The cleaned water which is very pure, can finally be sent out to the sewage net
⦁ Water samples are sent regulary for independent analysis of metal content
⦁ Results from water samples are sent to authorities and must meet the permit limits
⦁ Metal residues from the treatment plant is sent for metal recycling
⦁ Other scrap material from the production is also sent for recycling – such as copper, aluminum, tin, silver, nickel, gold, laminate, paper, wood and plastics.

Leadfree HASL

The RoHS directive was implemented 15 years ago and one of the restricted substances in electronics was lead. By then the knowledge about leadfree soldering and leadfree HASL (Hot Air Solder Leveling) was limited. This resulted in a long row of excemptions for critical products, and many of them are still alive and require leaded soldering. After more than a decade the results from leadfree soldering shows that the worst case scenarios did not happen.
MMAB have study a wide range of subjects, papers and reports concerning leadfree and leaded soldering. Our knowledge and results is clear – lead soldering is possible to do at leadfree HASL printed circuit boards.

We are still offering leaded HASL, but we advice our customers to get in touch with our technical support to learn more about leadfree HASL and how your company and your products can phase out the last remaining leaded PCBs – at the end, for the environment.

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