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Our History

MMAB (Malmö Mönsterkort) is Swedens oldest and largest Printed Circuit Board manufacturer. Our skilled co-workers have long experience from hands on PCB manufacturing. 

1970 – PCBA assembly  in the Swedish factory in Malmö, later on PCB’s as well. 

1993 – The focus is now Printed Circuit Boards and Malmö Mönsterkort is

1996 – Acquistitions of the printed circuit board manufacturer Kretstryck. 

2005 – Acquistitions of the printed circuit board manufacturer RPC Teknik.

2007 – Trading from mainly China starts up as a complementary to
in Sweden. 

2009 – Malmö Mönsterkort AB expands with a sales office in the north part
            of Sweden. 

2010 – Estabilsh office with MMAB staff in China close to the factories. 

2013 – Establish MMAB office in Hungary with several co-workes. 

2016 – Waste water treatment plant is increased for the Swedish factory
            to meet new
enviromental requirements. Investments in air
            compressor, infrastructure and
lightning for the whole factory

2017 – New investments program starts up for the Swedish factory based
           on a technical
roadmap. Installing a new SES etchline, registration
           equipment for film exposure
and a coordinate measuring machine
           for quality control and process development.

2018 – Investment in ENIG-line for selective gold and XRF-instruments for
            plating thickness
            Electroplating copper line imporved with filtering units and pumps.
            Installation for de-ionized water and investment in new quality

2019 – Acquisition of the printed circuit board manufacturer Teltex.
           This Bring MMAB into
 next phase of investemnts in the Swedish
           factory.  Starting up direct exposure and
resist laminator in a new
           clean room. Replacement of AOI equipment.
 Impedance instrument
           setup and further investments in electroplating copper line,
 such as
           plating rectifiers and control software. 

2020 – Rebuilding factory premises to fit additional machines and improve
            production flow.
Drilling machines replaced with Schmoll machines
            in a new climate controlled area.
Multilayer press from Bürkle and
            registration equipment from from DIS installed to
 increase layer count
            in multilayer boards. HASL equipment is replaced. 

2021 – Second Etchline DES.
           Horizontal PTH-line.

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