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Our factory in Sweden is vital for MMAB and we have invested in new production equipment, infrastructure, buildings and quality laboratory. Our developement follows MMAB Technical Roadmap with focus on new technology, knowledge, routines and quality improvement.

Fine tuned manufacturing process

The manufacturing processes are under continuous development. 
Reduced annular rings, track/gap and registration requirements are common and will be the base for our future efforts

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MMAB work with long term investments in our factory to provide the electronics business in Europe with Printed Circuit Boards.

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Some of the investments and technical solutions during recent years



Etchmachine SES MacDermid

Coordinate measurement Inspecta

Film registration ExpoAligner

Digital measure microscope

Cooler for prepreg




Soldermask mixer

ENIG gold line

XRF X-ray for ENIG, Sn, Ag

Electrocopper plating filters & pumps

Water De-Ionizing equipment




Electrocopper plating new rectifiers

Electrocopper plating software

Direct exposure Schmoll MDI

Impedance instrument Polar

Resist laminator

Microscope invertered metallurgic

Coolers for prepreg

AOI Orbotech




Inspection camera #2

Final quality control new area

Drilling new area with climate control

Drilling machines CNC, XRC, Schmoll

Receiving goods new area

Raw material storage new area

X-ray re-build Inspecta

Moving oxide line and ENIG

Multilayer press Bürkle

Multilayer welding pinnless registration DIS

Final rinse cleaner Holmstrand

HASL equipment Penta

Pretreatment HASL

Multilayer press dismantling Lauffer




Horisontal polymer process Occleppo
Etchline DES Schmid


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