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Our partners in China can supply small as well as large volumes of 1 – 32 layers in FR – 4 and most kind of base materials for high temperature or high frequency.

We can also offer HDI boards with microvias , HDI, plug and plate vias for via in pad, high frequency material, Flex and Flex – Rigid. In other words, all types of Printed Circuit Boards.


More about PCB FR-4

We have competitive suppliers of printed circuit boards in standard material FR-4. Single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer 4-24 layers. Also halogen-free FR-4 and CEM3.


HDI-boards with microvia, blind vias and burried vias as well as overplated vias for via in pad – the manufacturers in China can provide manufacturing capacity and capability for any kind of technical solutions.

More about HDI and microvia

Our production partners in China are experienced manufacturers of HDI-boards (High Density Interconnect) with laserdrilled and mechanically drilled microvias, stacked and staggered vias as well as buried vias, plug and overplated vias. Even flex and flex-rigid boards can incorporate HDI-technology and microvia.

Overplated vias type IPC VII (plug and plate) are manufactured with established processes for plugging and plating at selected factories with the required equipment. Type VII makes it possible to put via in pads, both through hole and blind microvia, for example in BGA-pads.

Metal base

MMAB are a development partner for thermal conductive PCB´s, such as aluminum substrates IMS (Insulated Metal Substrate) and other base materials for LED lighting. This have given us an advantage on the market for cost efficient manufacturing of metal base boards in China and in our Swedish factory.

More about Metal base and LED

Metal base boards is used for applications where large amounts of heat must be dissipated, for example high intensive LED or high current products such as power supplies, frequency controllers or servo controlles. Metal base boards are normally using aluminum base on which a single layer conductive plane is separated by a ceramic insulation layer with high thermal conductivity.
The conductive copper layer can be anything from 12 µm to 210 µm.

For LED-lighting with lower heat dissipation requirements there are other alternative materials in FR-4 and thermal conductive CEM-3. We have also experience of white soldermasks providing even light reflection with repetable color temperature even after soldering processes

Flex and Flex-Rigid

Flex and Flex-Rigid provides special design solutions with compact and robust functionality. Flex and Flex-Rigid manufacturing are made in China, at manufacturers with long experience and the special manufacturing processes required.

More about Flex and Flex-rigid

Single sided, double sided and multilayer flex and flex-rigid stack up with component stiffeners, ZIF-stiffeners, microvia, impedance – many solutions are available for your interconnect challenges. We can support you with panel and carrier solutions for your SMT-processes, and guide you in design and material stack up as well as cost efficient solutions.
Ask for our Flex & Flex-Rigid Guideline!

High Frequency base materials

MMAB can provide prototypes, medium and high volumes of Printed Circuit Boards with low loss material for RF, MW and HSD, from China and our factory in Sweden.

More about RF, MW & HSD

We have production resources and experience of RF (Radio Frequency), MW (MicroWave) and HSD (High Speed Digital).
High Speed Digital with Gbit-speed can be based on FR-4 material. When the losses becomes to high, there are alternative base material on the market, which have FR-4 similar processing properties, with much lower loss and dielectric constant.

More about low loss material

Isola, Rogers, Shengyi, ITEQ, just to mention some manufacturers, can offer base material with FR-4 properties for more stable processing, thermoset material with and without ceramic fillers, and PTFE-material for Microwave.

MMAB will guide you in material selection, as well as in the possibilities with regular FR-4. Rogers RO4350, 4725, 4730, 4830 and Isola FR408, Astra MT77 are some materials we can keep in stock for Quick Turn delivery. We manufacture high frequency boards as single sided, double sided and multilayer designs with special low loss bond sheet or mixed dielectric with FR-4.

Special material

When FR-4 is not sufficient at high operating temperatures or other special operating environments, we can offer more durable laminates. For extra high operating temperatures, there is the possibility of materials based on ceramic substrates.


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