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Technical knowledge and fast support are MMAB trademarks. We keep us updated within new technology based on customer requests and requirement. The combination of our own production in Sweden and our trading partners in China makes it possible to realize customer requests based on best available technology. 

Technical support from MMAB is free of charge for our customers which we supply with Printed Circuit Boards. We deliver PCBs to several EMS and OEM customer and encourage end customer PCB designers and engineers to get in touch with us during the design phase.

More about Technical Support

We are working closely with our customers and their end customers. MMAB want to be the PCB expertise in three part discussions and training sessions for product development and improvement.
Major advantages are for sure our own production and laboratories for development, fault finding and process control.

Some of MMAB Technical support:

⦁ Technical support during development

⦁ Technical support for Design For Manufacturing

⦁ Gerber review during development

⦁ Gerber review during quotation

⦁ Panel design and optimization

⦁ CAM processing with Design Rule Check

⦁ CAM processing with Technical feedback

⦁ Multilayer stack up

⦁ Material selection

⦁ Impedance calculations and adjustments

⦁ IPC specifications support

⦁ Printed Circuit Board specification

⦁ Paste file based on actual step distance

⦁ Control measurement and microsections

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