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MMABs own production in Sweden is very flexible for customer requirements and development projects. New technology and unique solutions are technology drivers which brings in new knowledge, machines, processes and material.
This input is the base for our Technical Roadmap and future investments.


Research during processing 

Development of our production processes and methods are made on a daily basis in order to increase our technical capability and quality level. Smaller component pad and pitch, decreased hole diameters, annular rings, track and gap are daily business for us.
We recently invested in direct exposure, etch lines, multilayer technology, surface treatment and measurement equipment, to be in phase with new technology and development projects that soon will reach the market.

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Printed Circuit Board manufacturing are still based on production methods and processes developed 40-50 years ago. Material, machines and methods has been refined during the years and today we can offer laminate, soldermask and final finishes much more durable and reliable with high and even quality.
Photolitographic methods have gone through major improvements last years and we are using direct exposure and laser alignment for the most challenging boards.

Customer development projects

Product developement together with our customers is the research driver for MMAB. We always offer support during the design phase to assure correct material, produceability and design details.

Some customer development projects starts in our own factory in Sweden, where we are close to the manufacturing processes. These knowledges can then be transferred to production in China when the products and volumes are suitable.

Packaging solutions

With sustainability focus and new environmental requirements we also develope packaging and logistics solutions. Packaging material moves to renewable and recyclable materials, where only small parts will be considered waste. Transports can also be developed together with our customers to minimize the environmental impact. 

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