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Our Factory

Our factory

Since the early 70 ́s we’ve manufactured prototypes and small volumes in our factory in Malmö, Sweden. Our production unit at 2500 sqm is located at Bulltofta industrial zone in Malmö, Sweden.

Our own technical department and CAM – conduct thorough design control of all manufacturing files such as specifications, Gerbers and drawings. Manufacturing are made in the same facilities with proven methods and technology


Our Swedish production is based on mainly quick prototypes and small volumes of single and double layer Printed Circuit Boards as well as Multilayer PCB ́s.

Our staff have long experience of special solutions, for example aluminum boards, heavy copper, high frequency base materials and large antennas.

The production capacity is 5 000 sqm/ year in Sweden. We can handle 2000 uniqe prototypes each year assisted by our technical solutions.


We have lately invested in advanced equipment for manufacturing and measurement of Printed Circuit Boards, and we follow our Technical Roadmap to meet customer requirements and technical development.
The mainpart of our production equipment has been replaced and upgraded, and we are working with continuous improvement of the machine set up.
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