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Quality Assurance

Quality Assuarance

Our own organisation on site in China works closely with the manufacturers for quality assurance and logistics management. Our staff in China works in our business system to monitor each order and base their processes on our common quality management system, making it possible to work in the same way as our Swedish production without a gap between prototypes and volume production.

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Supplier valuation are made on regular basis and discussed in our Sourcing Group. MMAB implemented a systematic work flow for continous valuation, actions and follow up many years ago and this process has been development to act preventive and actually confirm that actions are working on site in the production units. Key suppliers are visited on site as a part of the daily routines. Special visits can also be conducted, to follow up critical products and deliveries.

Audits and follow up
Formal audits and quarterly visits are made on a regular basis, always with focus on Quality in Practice. Our team in China understands PCB manufacturing, processes and quality assurance in detail, after many years in the PCB business. MMAB are considered a quality partner among our suppliers which is a part of a longterm Customer-Supplier relationship.

Our own specifications
Each part of the production chain is monitored by using our own instructions, requirements and specifications to assure an even quality. Measurements, reports and actions with follow up are a natural part of our work flow, to assure a close cooperation between China and Europe, and at the end secure your products, deliveries and customer requirements.

Suppliers to MMAB are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, some are also IATF 16949 certified. All suppliers must have their own UL-approval and follow IPC-requirements.

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