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MMAB can offer all types of Printed Circuit Boards and technology solutions.
As a leading PCB supplier with our own manufacturing in Sweden, we have the tech knowledge required to solve technical challenges together with our customers. Local production combined with deep understanding in processing and technical solutions is vital for product transfer to China.

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Our deep knowledge within Printed Circuit Board manufacturing will always be our advantage when we communicate with manufacturers in China. Technical questions are normally solved by us – a part of our service, we are our customers Competence Center within PCB Technology.

MMAB can offer all types of Printed Circuit Boards
⦁ Single sided, double sided FR-4
⦁ Multilayer boards 4-32 layer
⦁ HDI Microvia
⦁ LED-boards
⦁ Aluminum based boards
⦁ High power boards
⦁ Antennas
⦁ Flex & Flex-Rigid

Manufacturing in China can be anything from small prototype orders for development, to large volumes with special logistic solutions.
A longterm and mutual cooperation makes it possible to deliver all kind of PCBs with competitive pricing and short lead times.

DFM and Cost Drivers 

Get in touch with our Sales team and Technical Support. We will be your technical support during your design process. Together we will identify technology and optimized solutions to avoid Cost drivers, often called DFM – Design For Manufacturing.

DFM and Cost drivers are identified already during our Quotation process, such as track, gap, viaholes, aspect ratio, impedance requirements, material and stack up.

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Once we receive the manufacturing files we conduct an initial Design for manufacturing. We can also investigate further cost optimization – such as panel utilization, and cost efficient selection of final finish, base material and build up.

We can help our customers to make the right technical choice at an early stage. When we can recommend base material, surface finish, build up and layout improvements, it often improves Printed Circuit Board quality and decreases lead times.

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