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Hungary – MMAB Group Kft.

Ervin Fekete

Managing Director /
ügyvezető igazgató

Mobile: +36 30 658 0160

Katalin Izsold

Office Manager /

Mobile: +36 30 658 2260

János Bordás

Sales Engineer /

Mobile: +36 30 263 8943

Zsolt Balint

Customer Service Manager / Ügyfélszolgálati Vezető

Mobile: +36 30 658 2261

MMAB Group Kft.

MMAB Group Kft was established by the year 2013 as a subsidiary of the Swedish MMAB Group AB in Malmö.

We’ve started our work on the Hungarian market with sales of PCB of own produced boards from Malmö and appr. from a dozen Chinese manufacturers from several segments and complexity.

Our mission is, to help and support our customers with high quality boards for their electronics production on good price, in time and creating long term business relationship with our customers.

We have an own Chinese subsidiary with our colleagues at MMAB China, to help this important procedure as close and as good as possible.

All of us have been working in the PCB industry for years before MMAB and have got a strong experience about the production and problem solving. We try to offer this knowledge and experience to our Partners daily and help them not only commercially, but technically too for reaching success together.

You always will find cheaper prices than our’s, but if you create a package from the price-quality-delivery time/speed-technological help-third party insurance-flexibility-legality-trustworthiness and complexity… sure will not find better!

Waiting for your inquiry for quotation to prove our skills!
Thank you very much!


MMAB Group Kft.


Address to the office:
Madarász Viktor utca 47-49
H-1138 Budapest, Magyarország


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